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As a sole practitioner, I am committed to providing the guidance clients need to get through their juvenile dependency, delinquency, criminal defense, and family law matters. I recognize how much your case matters in your life and how important achieving a positive result is for your future. I provide every client with the supportive counsel and zealous advocacy they deserve from start to finish. My job is to earn your trust, listen to the facts of your case, and present your story in a compelling way to achieve the best possible result. I believe everyone deserves top-quality representation and this is what you can expect to receive if you choose to hire my firm. If I am not the right attorney for your case, I will help you find the attorney that will make a difference in your case. 

Legal cases always involves some element of risk, whether it is a felony conviction, potential jail time, or your relationship with your children. I make sure my clients understand the potential benefits and consequences involved in a proposed course of action. My goal is to give you the tools necessary to make an informed decision for yourself. When you meet with me, you can expect an honest, straightforward evaluation of the merits of your case, drawbacks and hurdles we will face, and the chances you will prevail. 



Stacey Lamont Diedrich has been a practicing trial attorney since 2006. She has extensive trial experience in criminal, juvenile, and family law cases.

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